Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Dream Part 2

Okay, I forgot where I left off, so I'll just start from what the place looked like. So the place was made out of rocks, held together with moss and bubblegum and skulls were all over the place. And then a guy from my class came out doing the hula, wearing one of my dresses but in place of flowers, there were angry birds (from the game) all over the dress! "I need to get to a condo! Not a weird bubblegum place!" I shouted at the guy. "Well, then you're on your own, kid," he said to me. And with that he went away. And then I started to make sad moaning sounds. And the hula guy walked over to me (still hulaing) and he was all like, "ACK ACK ACK OGGEY BOGGEY SNOGGEY!" And then we bolt started screaming and we got sucked into the black hole again. And when we came to the store, the guy was still there with a radio blasting the chicken dance. Then the hula guy went away. I walked out of the store, and guess what? I was in my friend's neighborhood. And the the kidnapper started to chase me to this school with these kids playing. Then there was a store with these weird photos of these ladies in, let's say, under cloths, all posing and being all weird. So I screamed, and covered my eyes, and got transported back to my friend's house. And then I woke up. Please comment on my dream and say what you think about it. And this wasn't the crazyist dream I've ever had.


  1. Hey, Olivia, it's Ginny. I'm having a good time reading your blog. So how can you do a chicken dance if you're sticking to the floor covered in bubble gum? I need to know these things!

  2. well, it's a dream! things like that can happen! in real life would a ghost girl come down from the sky holding a baby who runs at the speed of light in the night while i'm getting attacked by a pack of wolves? (that was PART of my weirdst dream).