Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Love The Mall

Yesterday afternoon I had to go to the mall to get more shoes. I really like the mall because it's big and it has a Build-A-Bear Workshop. I went into Justice first, and looked at some necklaces and stuff. I was looking at BFF stuff for me and my BFF Gracie. (That's not her real name, it's just a nickname). But I needed to not have to many impulse buys, (as my dad says) so I didn't get this really awesome BFF thing and this other charm thing. Then we looked at shoes. I think we went into Shoe Palace first, but we didn't find anything. Then we went into many other stores until we we went to Stride Right. I found these really cute-like tennis shoes! So we bought them. We went into Macy's before we found the shoes. I really like looking at all the clothes there. Some clothes there I don't really get that much... When we went down the moving-stairs thing, I got totally scared of the hight. I only get scared of a hight when you can see a lot of things clearly below you. Like when you're going on a plane, and you can see the whole city below you. I mean, who wouldn't get kinda shaky looking at that? 
P.S I started doing upper-case letters! But still no paragraphs.

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