Monday, April 9, 2012

Yesterday At A Park

yesterday, my mom, dad, and i went to a park close to where we live. it was kinda a long drive, but i was reading dairy of a wimpy kid, so it went by more quick. So we were walking, and walking, and eating m n' m's from easter. there were all these training things that i like to do. like there were chin ups, and those gymnastic things, and a lot of other stuff like that. one of them was a slanted bar where you held on to it, and then you swing your legs over to the other side. i did what it said, and... i hung upside down with my hands gripping the bar and then i had to swing my legs around to get in the pose my hands were so i was doing the "sleeping sloth" on that square shaped bar. and i had to do that with my legs or else i would of been like humpty dumpty! that was kinda fun though. even though it made my tail bone hurt. and then my dad tried it, but he couldn't. so i did it again, and i really just put my legs over one at a time! that one was more safe.

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