This is a page where I type about helping the earth a better place for people and animals and really, just everything! You can comment ideas on helping too. I hope everybody cares!
1. Plant a garden. Plants are important. Plant trees, too.
2. Pick up trash. Picking up trash is sometimes fun!
3. Get your school involved in a "trash project" where you pick up trash around the area.
4. Take some stuff out of your recycling bin. You can make a little house for toys and you can turn stuff into little (or big) robots!
Helping the earth isn't just about trash and plants, it's about the people!
5. Donate food. You can donate food that won't get old or get stale to quickly to a food bank around your area!
6. Donate Money. You can donate anything from a penny to anything to poor people. I even have a piggy bank that I put change into so I can donate it!
I'll write more ideas later, but for now, tell me some of your ideas!


  1. If you get something and decide not to use it, Don't just let it spoil and throw it out. Donate it to a food bank or food charity!
    This i guess is a little similar to ollie's...