Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things from Japan That SHOULD be in photos

I know these should be on photos, but I like them, and I wanted to turn them into a little post.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


EEP! The pool party is coming up! It's a pool party where only people in grades ___ and ___ can go! (And if you go to my school, I want to see you there). It's gonna be so fun!!! One pool party that grades ___ and ___ went to, after like 5 minutes, me and my friend got out of the pool and just lay down on our towels for, like, HOURS!!! But it was kinda fun. We ate and talked, and ate some more, and talked, and we started to get hungry, so we ate, and then talked. And well, you get the picture. Hopefully I don't do that the whole time this time. 

BFF's Blog

This is my BFF's blog. Yeah. She's on blogspot too and she has the same background as I used to have. It's called Rainy Elise Pokey (and only some people like me know why) and it's cute. Look around for my comments! I'm still called olliehahaha!!! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse!

Yesterday, May 20, 2012, was a solar eclipse! It started at like 6:00 or something and it went on for about... 30 minutes...??? I first saw it when I was skateboarding with my dad. And I know it's bad for your eyes, but I stared at it. (At least I had sunglasses)! A solar eclipse is just the moon's shadow covering the sun. When the moon is really far away from the earth (like this time) it covers up less of the sun, making a bigger "ring of fire". The "ring of fire" is the rest of the sun that you can see around the moon. The sun kinda looks like a really really really bright moon, you know, when the moon is just a little semi-circle going into a sliver. And the shadows! Every circle that cast a shadow moved with the sun! Well not moved, just changed the shape into a semi-circle and then a sliver.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Another Dream!!!

Another crazy dream! I don't really remember it so much. It's about as clear as mud, but I'll try.
So another guy from my class had this big building thing... CRANE! A CRANE! Yeah. And we were all Legos trade mark. And everyone form the class was there and we were building this thing on the side of an island. But what was really weird is that I was watching everything form a birds-eye view even though I was there building stuff down below. Like the me me was watching the Lego me. And then this weird head popped out form the clouds in the sky, and all us Legos started to run away. But the crane was still there. And after all that hard work, everything got wrecked by the head! All that was left was the base of the building. :(  Then we all got transported to the school filed right next to those red bars. (As some of you might know because you go to my school).
And I think it ended there. Weird right?