Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yo, yo, yo!

Hey, guys! If some of you guys reading went to "that party" at you-know-who's house, you know about the Yo Yo Yo club. It's a club that we made out of card board and we put a bunch a chairs and stuff in it. I was main security and Bug (a BFF) was back-up security. Rachy (a BFF) was boss, and the rest I think were members. Tell me if the others were something. This is what I did when people came to the club:
Yo, yo, yo! If ya wanna get in the club, you have to have a card and know the pass word or if ya wanna be a member, say the pass word. So whatzit gonna be?
If they got it right:
Yo, yo, YO! C'mon IN, baby!
YO, YO, YOU, are outta here! Try later, sk8er!
And when I had to get something, Bug covered for me. Also I got to use this awesome card scanner thingy to see if it was a real Yo Yo Yo card!
I'm not any part of this video, but i thought it was really cool. I like tree houses and club houses a lot, so yeah...


  1. I'm not part of the video. I just saw it on youtube, and I thought It was really cool. I hope you like it!

  2. It was actually not the type of club I was talking about in the post. Ours was made of cardboard.