Friday, September 7, 2012

Bffs Only: LOVE IT

There's this totally awesome blog called "for BFFs Only"! It's so awesome! I'm a member! Make sure to join!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cosgrove Movies And Photos

Some of the movies I took of the concert. Yes, no full songs. :( But whatever. ;) So... ENJOY! (???XP)

Friday, August 10, 2012


EEP! Yesterday I went to see Miranda Cosgrove concert!!! :D YAY WHOO! It was so fun! What's your favorite Miranda song?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Olliehahaha holiday!

Hello again my friends! Today is the day! The day I announce the OLLIEHAHAHA HOLIDAY!!! July 20 to July 27, Febuary 20 to Febuary 27       are the 2 times in 1 year that we celebrate! It is called... *drumroll*... *exciting music*... HA-STASHE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) We celebrate mustaces and everyone who has one! I will do a poll with questions about 'stashes.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Wumbo, the studies of Wumbo, Wumboligy. Me Wumbo, you wombo, he she me it, WUBOM! It's FIRST GRADE people who don't know it!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I am soo sorry I didn't post on my Bday. :( Don't ask why I didn't, it's a long story. ANYWAY, it was JUNE 21st.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Okay, yes I know I blog a lot, but I like to. And this post is REALLY important, because it's about a mustashe. I made up a story about him. Okay, here it is: 
Once upon a time, there was a big black mustase. He was very lonely because the was the only one of his kind in his town! "Oh how I wish there was another black mustashe like me," he often said. But one day, his thoughts changed. Another big black mustashe arrived at his town! His name was Stash. Soon ANOTHER came. And ANOTHER and ANOTHER until there was many black mustashes! Now that big black mustashe had many BFFs and he was never lonley again!!! YAY!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

I Just Started A DRAMA CAMP

I just started a DRAMA CAMP at ___ Middle School!!! It is so fun! We're doing "Beauty And The Beast", and I really wanna be Belle! Today was my first day, and I can't wait for tomorrow because that's my second day! And then my 3 and 4 and 5...  I just can't wait!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things from Japan That SHOULD be in photos

I know these should be on photos, but I like them, and I wanted to turn them into a little post.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


EEP! The pool party is coming up! It's a pool party where only people in grades ___ and ___ can go! (And if you go to my school, I want to see you there). It's gonna be so fun!!! One pool party that grades ___ and ___ went to, after like 5 minutes, me and my friend got out of the pool and just lay down on our towels for, like, HOURS!!! But it was kinda fun. We ate and talked, and ate some more, and talked, and we started to get hungry, so we ate, and then talked. And well, you get the picture. Hopefully I don't do that the whole time this time. 

BFF's Blog

This is my BFF's blog. Yeah. She's on blogspot too and she has the same background as I used to have. It's called Rainy Elise Pokey (and only some people like me know why) and it's cute. Look around for my comments! I'm still called olliehahaha!!! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse!

Yesterday, May 20, 2012, was a solar eclipse! It started at like 6:00 or something and it went on for about... 30 minutes...??? I first saw it when I was skateboarding with my dad. And I know it's bad for your eyes, but I stared at it. (At least I had sunglasses)! A solar eclipse is just the moon's shadow covering the sun. When the moon is really far away from the earth (like this time) it covers up less of the sun, making a bigger "ring of fire". The "ring of fire" is the rest of the sun that you can see around the moon. The sun kinda looks like a really really really bright moon, you know, when the moon is just a little semi-circle going into a sliver. And the shadows! Every circle that cast a shadow moved with the sun! Well not moved, just changed the shape into a semi-circle and then a sliver.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Another Dream!!!

Another crazy dream! I don't really remember it so much. It's about as clear as mud, but I'll try.
So another guy from my class had this big building thing... CRANE! A CRANE! Yeah. And we were all Legos trade mark. And everyone form the class was there and we were building this thing on the side of an island. But what was really weird is that I was watching everything form a birds-eye view even though I was there building stuff down below. Like the me me was watching the Lego me. And then this weird head popped out form the clouds in the sky, and all us Legos started to run away. But the crane was still there. And after all that hard work, everything got wrecked by the head! All that was left was the base of the building. :(  Then we all got transported to the school filed right next to those red bars. (As some of you might know because you go to my school).
And I think it ended there. Weird right?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

Hey guys. Happy Earth Day! It's a perfect day for it 'cause today the town's FARMER'S MARKET! I just got back from it, and I had this (gluten-free) dough thing with cheese in it, but you can hardly taste the cheese! I looove them SO much! I have one left over that I will eat later... Are you guys doing anything for Earth Day? Is it your town's farmer's market?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bumblebees                  This is a bee website. Bumblebees are one of my favorite animals, so I wanted to learn more about them. Don't you like bees!?! They are SO CUTE, and they make this buzzing sound... and yeah.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yo, yo, yo!

Hey, guys! If some of you guys reading went to "that party" at you-know-who's house, you know about the Yo Yo Yo club. It's a club that we made out of card board and we put a bunch a chairs and stuff in it. I was main security and Bug (a BFF) was back-up security. Rachy (a BFF) was boss, and the rest I think were members. Tell me if the others were something. This is what I did when people came to the club:
Yo, yo, yo! If ya wanna get in the club, you have to have a card and know the pass word or if ya wanna be a member, say the pass word. So whatzit gonna be?
If they got it right:
Yo, yo, YO! C'mon IN, baby!
YO, YO, YOU, are outta here! Try later, sk8er!
And when I had to get something, Bug covered for me. Also I got to use this awesome card scanner thingy to see if it was a real Yo Yo Yo card!
I'm not any part of this video, but i thought it was really cool. I like tree houses and club houses a lot, so yeah...

Friday, April 13, 2012

I just went on...

WENY MASS'S BLOG! I love everything about Wendy! She's an author, and a really good one too! Okay, since I posted my blog there when I was commenting, WENDY MASS COULD BE ON HERE RIGHT NOW! Really. Should I post up a link to it if I can? JACQULINE WEST'S BLOG! They could be on here, it could happen.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Dream Part 2

Okay, I forgot where I left off, so I'll just start from what the place looked like. So the place was made out of rocks, held together with moss and bubblegum and skulls were all over the place. And then a guy from my class came out doing the hula, wearing one of my dresses but in place of flowers, there were angry birds (from the game) all over the dress! "I need to get to a condo! Not a weird bubblegum place!" I shouted at the guy. "Well, then you're on your own, kid," he said to me. And with that he went away. And then I started to make sad moaning sounds. And the hula guy walked over to me (still hulaing) and he was all like, "ACK ACK ACK OGGEY BOGGEY SNOGGEY!" And then we bolt started screaming and we got sucked into the black hole again. And when we came to the store, the guy was still there with a radio blasting the chicken dance. Then the hula guy went away. I walked out of the store, and guess what? I was in my friend's neighborhood. And the the kidnapper started to chase me to this school with these kids playing. Then there was a store with these weird photos of these ladies in, let's say, under cloths, all posing and being all weird. So I screamed, and covered my eyes, and got transported back to my friend's house. And then I woke up. Please comment on my dream and say what you think about it. And this wasn't the crazyist dream I've ever had.

My Dream

I had this weird dream last night. It was more weird than scary. So I was walking to my friend's house, and she said there was a kidnapper in her neighborhood. And then she started running like a crazy person to this weird school. And then she said if I wanted to see her again, I would have to go to Safeway and talk to this guy. So I did. And there was this burst of light that took me into the black hole and then we went into this place made of rocks and skulls and it was covered in bubble gum. Then this guy from my class started to do the hula and shout out random sounds... I'll tell you the rest later. I have to go to school now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Love The Mall

Yesterday afternoon I had to go to the mall to get more shoes. I really like the mall because it's big and it has a Build-A-Bear Workshop. I went into Justice first, and looked at some necklaces and stuff. I was looking at BFF stuff for me and my BFF Gracie. (That's not her real name, it's just a nickname). But I needed to not have to many impulse buys, (as my dad says) so I didn't get this really awesome BFF thing and this other charm thing. Then we looked at shoes. I think we went into Shoe Palace first, but we didn't find anything. Then we went into many other stores until we we went to Stride Right. I found these really cute-like tennis shoes! So we bought them. We went into Macy's before we found the shoes. I really like looking at all the clothes there. Some clothes there I don't really get that much... When we went down the moving-stairs thing, I got totally scared of the hight. I only get scared of a hight when you can see a lot of things clearly below you. Like when you're going on a plane, and you can see the whole city below you. I mean, who wouldn't get kinda shaky looking at that? 
P.S I started doing upper-case letters! But still no paragraphs.

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Talking to Myself

eep! school starts in 1 hour! i need to ask my BFFS if they got the email link to my blog! so far they haven't commented on anything yet! i wonder if she's still in santa barbra... well, my grand father checked this out. but then she was all like what's a blog in the email... the only one who's commented that's not me so far is harmony from dork diaries! but she's on a trip now and she said something about they can't have computer's and phones... OH, WHATEVER!

Yesterday At A Park

yesterday, my mom, dad, and i went to a park close to where we live. it was kinda a long drive, but i was reading dairy of a wimpy kid, so it went by more quick. So we were walking, and walking, and eating m n' m's from easter. there were all these training things that i like to do. like there were chin ups, and those gymnastic things, and a lot of other stuff like that. one of them was a slanted bar where you held on to it, and then you swing your legs over to the other side. i did what it said, and... i hung upside down with my hands gripping the bar and then i had to swing my legs around to get in the pose my hands were so i was doing the "sleeping sloth" on that square shaped bar. and i had to do that with my legs or else i would of been like humpty dumpty! that was kinda fun though. even though it made my tail bone hurt. and then my dad tried it, but he couldn't. so i did it again, and i really just put my legs over one at a time! that one was more safe.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


okay, so i know i posted this like, 5 micro seconds after my first post, but gosh! blogging is so fun! (i know i don't do paragraphs). do you know what fencing is? it's sword fighting. but it's really safe! but once in a while you get a bruise. i go to... wait! can't tell! but you should go to your closest fencing place to have some fun and try it out! do any of you guys fence? (i know my friends who are reading this don't. well, one friend does. one friend quit). i have a fencing shirt and a fencing sweatshirt. i got the sweatshirt as a hand-me-down and the there was a bunch of the shirts on sale at class, so i got one. we got one for my grandfather, but it turned pink, so now it's mine, and it's way to big. (see? my 1st hahaha)! if you do fence, please say so. do you do foil, electric, saber, or the other on that i forgot how to spell that doesn't have right-of-way? i do electric fencing. i'm on my first year of electric but my fourth year of fencing. bye, or whatever!

My New Blog

hi guys! this is my new blog! i'll post whenever i can. like every week or month. i know i have kinda a strange name, but i called it ollie's ha ha ha's 'cause i'm really funny and stuff. i'm not posting any personal stuff, so don't bother to ask. not even that i'm ____ years old or that i live in ___ or anything like that. so i like, learned how to do this on youtube. you can learn too! just go to my blog on blog spot or how to make a blog on blog spot or something like that. yeah, so... i can't think of anything else to write... so i guess my 1st blog entry is finished! do you guys like chocolate?