Sunday, April 8, 2012


okay, so i know i posted this like, 5 micro seconds after my first post, but gosh! blogging is so fun! (i know i don't do paragraphs). do you know what fencing is? it's sword fighting. but it's really safe! but once in a while you get a bruise. i go to... wait! can't tell! but you should go to your closest fencing place to have some fun and try it out! do any of you guys fence? (i know my friends who are reading this don't. well, one friend does. one friend quit). i have a fencing shirt and a fencing sweatshirt. i got the sweatshirt as a hand-me-down and the there was a bunch of the shirts on sale at class, so i got one. we got one for my grandfather, but it turned pink, so now it's mine, and it's way to big. (see? my 1st hahaha)! if you do fence, please say so. do you do foil, electric, saber, or the other on that i forgot how to spell that doesn't have right-of-way? i do electric fencing. i'm on my first year of electric but my fourth year of fencing. bye, or whatever!


  1. I don't fence, but I've always wanted to try. It looks like so much fun! d:

  2. it's so fun! you should google search fencing. find a fencing place in your town or at least close to you, and you could try it out!

    1. Oh I totally would! But I have a lot of things to do, I have choir, singing, guitar, then I have choir performances.

  3. oh... well, if you ever learn how from the web, you could fence it your bed room or something. or when you have a cleared calender.

  4. how long have you been playing guitar? i play guitar and my dad's my teacher! :p i also looove singing! i'm in the children's choir in church! we perform too. what do you want to be when you grow up? i want to be an actress. i know this is weird to be writing this on my blog! i should be writing this on dork diaries to you!!!

  5. is anyone on my blog right now? anyone from dork diaries?