Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse!

Yesterday, May 20, 2012, was a solar eclipse! It started at like 6:00 or something and it went on for about... 30 minutes...??? I first saw it when I was skateboarding with my dad. And I know it's bad for your eyes, but I stared at it. (At least I had sunglasses)! A solar eclipse is just the moon's shadow covering the sun. When the moon is really far away from the earth (like this time) it covers up less of the sun, making a bigger "ring of fire". The "ring of fire" is the rest of the sun that you can see around the moon. The sun kinda looks like a really really really bright moon, you know, when the moon is just a little semi-circle going into a sliver. And the shadows! Every circle that cast a shadow moved with the sun! Well not moved, just changed the shape into a semi-circle and then a sliver.

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  1. I miss the eclipse. I'll just have to wait until the next one!
    ~ Mom