Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Dream!!!

Another crazy dream! I don't really remember it so much. It's about as clear as mud, but I'll try.
So another guy from my class had this big building thing... CRANE! A CRANE! Yeah. And we were all Legos trade mark. And everyone form the class was there and we were building this thing on the side of an island. But what was really weird is that I was watching everything form a birds-eye view even though I was there building stuff down below. Like the me me was watching the Lego me. And then this weird head popped out form the clouds in the sky, and all us Legos started to run away. But the crane was still there. And after all that hard work, everything got wrecked by the head! All that was left was the base of the building. :(  Then we all got transported to the school filed right next to those red bars. (As some of you might know because you go to my school).
And I think it ended there. Weird right?

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